Session 9

Dusk, Towerday the 11th of Highsun, 18AS


Determine what happened in the city, find the survivors, escape before it is too late

  • 3 hours
  • Bolt Hole
  • Party heads into the market, goes to Squints shop, and finds nothing of interest in the shop
  • The party follows blood from Squints shop to the bolt hole the goblins previously retreated
  • After heading to the bolt hole they discover 6 goblins
  • 4 Drow join the combat
  • Stryder casts Hunter’s Mark
  • Borland casts Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Scorching Ray
  • Rutherford finds two potions of healing, Jugedai uses one, and one potion of fire breath, 20gp
  • The party subdues one drow and ties him up for questioning
  • The drow is of House Mizzryn
  • He says that the drow are here for annihilation
  • Theren asks the Drow if the caverns leads to the Underdark, and he lies and says “no”
    * He refuses to divulge any more information, and Theren cuts his throat
  • The party encounters a collapsing floor trap, and Jugedai is able to leap out of the way
  • After climbing around and down into the floor spike pit for some time, and Borland burns a hole in the door at the end of the hallway
  • Grogar picks up a trapped statuette and it explodes damaging Grogar and Jugedai
  • Jugedai throws the top off one of the other sarcophagus and upon encountering a mummy hacks away at it, apparently oblivious to the fact that it is animated, and another Mummy opens the other sarcophagus
  • Jugedai then approaches Grogar and smacks him, still oblivious to the mummy threat
  • The rest of the party dispatches the two mummys, but not before Stryder is hit by a Mummy and catches Mummy Rot
  • In false bottoms of the sarcophagi the party finds a potion, a bead, some goggles, a scroll, and gems worth 50gp
  • They then open another door and encounter a Drow Mage, a quasit, who are torturing a prisoner
  • Borland casts Charm Person on the quasit, and asks it to unlock the prison cell
  • The Drow mage is quickly dispatched, but not before he zaps Jugedai and Stryder with a lightning bolt dropping them both to 0 hps
  • Theren is able to spare the dying, and both Stryder and Jugedai lie unconscious only barely clinging to life
  • Coin:
    • 70gp
  • Magic:
    • 2 Potions of Healing
    • 1 Potion of Firebreath
    • 1 Potion of Diminution
    • Eyes of Minute Seeing
    • Scroll of Remove Curse
    • Bead of Force
  • Misc:
    • Rutherford collects mummy bandages
    • Rutherford collects goblin belts, buckles, and trinkets
  • Encounter:
    • 300 (6 Goblins)
    • 450 (4 Drow)
    • 1400 (2 Mummy)
    • 2900 (1 Drow Mage)
  • Bonus:
  • Stryder has Mummy Rot
  • Stryder needs to roll on the critical wounds table
  • Jugedai needs to roll on the critical wounds table



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