Rutherford Pfitzgerald Wizzlecrank


Celius and Aquira Greenbloom were wizards both, innately talented in the arcane arts as Gnomes often tend to be. Celius, ever inquisitive and always burying his nose in a book, was eager to study and learn and strengthen his mind. Aquira was kind and empathetic and a fearsome force to be seen in battle, hurling bolts of lightning and fire. They were young adventurers and lived life like leaves on the wind, wherever the coin and excitement would take them. It was only natural that in their travels the two Gnomes would grow close and fall in love. The two were able to obfuscate their talents as “tinker Gnomes” and only occasionally drew the attention of The Order, but were able to avoid their ire through their “Gnomishness”.

Trading their staff and sword for the cradle and clothesline, they would turn over a new leaf, and start a family as mild-mannered citizens of Trollhaven. Celius, knowing that he would stand out as odd if he weren’t more like the other technologically inclined (see: obsessed) Gnomes around Trollhaven, went to work on designing a grand machine that would serve as a vehicle to travel the world after he and Aquira’s retirement. It would be a submarine, nay, an airship-submarine-tank, capable of tackling any terrain. Fast study that he was, he had the blueprints and all the planning down to a solid draft before long.

They would live happily and quietly for years together.

Baby Fitzgerald Greenbloom was 6 years old when it happened. Celius had just put baby Fitz to bed, the boy dozed as father recited his practiced tales of the capabilities of his wondrous machine. He tiptoed away to let the child sleep, baby boy clutching dreamily to his favorite copy of daddy’s blueprint. The Greenblooms were visited by old acquaintances that dark and stormy night. The intruders got the jump on the unwary expatriates. With no weapons at hand and no spells prepared, they were slaughtered in cold blood as they were dozing before their humble fireplace. The fiends stole the baby, and spirited him off into the night in hopes of selling the baby gnome into slavery. Failing that, they knew that the countless unsavory characters of the underdark were usually willing to part with a few coin for fresh meat.

Lucky for the boy, there was a Smalhonds sting operation when the ruffians brought the babe to market, and he was saved and adopted by the brotherhood of gnomes. “Rutherford Wizzlecrank” would be raised among the proud and hardened warriors of the Smolhunds. Ever studious and inquisitive, empathetic and kind and soft spoken, he would never fit in with these city gnomes and their inclination for engineering. Rudy, as he came to be known, was much more interested in the more poetic and artistic side of life, and his heart yearned for adventure. Not violence and upholding the trade peace of the city of Gnomia, but REAL adventure. His pulse would race at the the stories of brave wizards and fighters, dragons and griffons, and he often thought of leaving his soldier life behind, to live free and proud and unrestrained, like a leaf on the wind.

Rutherford Pfitzgerald Wizzlecrank

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