Set Name Features
DT1 Dungeon Tiles Core dungeon, tavern, and a house
DT2 Arcane Corridors Hazardous terrain, a 2-story stone tower
DT3 Hidden Crypts Underground crypts and a barn
DT4 Ruins of the Wild Fields, tents, standing stones, a lodge, and a ruined tower
DT5 Lost Caverns of the Underdark Caverns
DT6 Dire TombsCrypts with a desert palette
DT7 Fane of the Forgotten GodsTraps and hazards, a surface temple, and a jail
DU1 Halls of the Giant KingsEarthen pit, an underground prison, and giant furnishings, doors, and stairs
DU2 Streets of ShadowStreets, rooftops, sewers, and a cellar
DU3 Caves of CarnageCorpse strewn caverns, an underground river, and rotting bridges
DU4 Arcane TowersCurved tower walls and stairs, magical laboratories, crenelated walls
DU5 Sinister WoodsOvergrown ruins
DU6 Harrowing HallsLiving quarters with wooden floors, a banquet hall, a grand entrance, and a 3D stair
DU7 Desert of AthasDesert and oasis tiles, plus 3D stairs, platforms, and wagons
Dungeon Tiles Master Set: The City Essential urban tiles
Dungeon Tiles Master Set: The Dungeon Essential dungeon tiles
Dungeon Tiles Master Set: The Wilderness Essential forest tiles
DN1 Caverns of Icewind Dale Ice, snow, and caves
DN2 Witchlight Fens Swamp and shacks
DN3 Shadowghast Manor Thin walls above and below ground
DN4 Cathedral of Chaos Diagonal halls, a ziggurat, plus trap and hazard tokens
DN5 Urban Underdark Caverns meet worked stone
DN6 Castle Grimstead Thin, above-ground castle walls, and a moat
DN7 Ruins of War An army encampment



Set Name Features
Shattered Keeps Ruined keeps, forts, wilderness
Haunted Temples Ruined temples, graveyards, churches

Pathfinder Map Packs


Set Name Features
Forest Trails Modular trails in a forest landscape
Boarding Action Modular ship decks for seaborne combat

Pathfinder Flip Mats


Set Name Features


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