Of Humans

As the Elves and the Dwarves fought, the ten Human kingdoms took the opportunity to profit from trading with one or both sides, encroached upon the lands of one or both sides, or attempted to seize control of the lands of their fellow Humans. Many died and after a few generations of Humans dying too young in a war they could no longer explain, they grew tired of the constant struggle. A great council was convened with all ten of the recognized Human Kingdoms, the Council of Kymmenen.

The Council agreed that no Human Kingdom would any longer fight openly against another Human Kingdom. This would not last forever and great mercenary companies were raised and proxy wars would be fought from then on to settle conflict between fellow Humans. These laws were called the Covenants of Kymmenen.

These companies and bands make war on each other and on the lands of the Evil races, but keep their fighting away from the common people. It is known that if a company or band is involved in the death of a commoner other companies will rally together to destroy those responsible, and from the ashes another company is usually born. Some bear shields with many layers of paint covering forsaken companies.

The combined strength of the Human Kingdoms was enough to compel the Elves and Dwarves to a Council between the three races. This is known as “The Great Council” and is where our story begins…

Of Humans

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