Of Elves

Since time immemorial have the elf race made their home in the Storaskogen forests of the north. Learning the secrets of the world, uncovering the mysteries of the arcane, they were the masters of all within their domain. They had little interest in the other races beginning to awaken into the world and their borders were closely watched. They avoided outside contact almost entirely with others seeking their council and trade, allowed to move through the forest unharmed, never quite making it into the heart of the forest. For those who entered the woods with evil in their heart were never seen again.

As time passed, some elves grew bored of the forests of the north and struck out creating new Elven enclaves across the land. With enclaves spread throughout the land over the millennia the Elves have formed many different cultures and even display different physical and mental characteristics.

The elves and their dark brethren (Drow) have been at war since the Rift occurred. For over five hundred years they warred, until the great Elven Ranger Belven Taletreader lead the Elven Army to final victory over the Drow.

The Kingdom of the Elves has long been ruled by the Taletreader family. The heir is chosen from the children of the King at his discretion. It isn’t unheard of for a second or third born child to be appointed King. After his victory over the Drow Belven Taletreader was anointed King by his father, bypassing his older brother Zaos. The Kingdom was at peace and the Taletreader family would continue their celebrated rule over the Elven people, or so they thought…

Of Elves

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