Of Dwarves

For millennia the Dwarves dug deep and created beautiful halls, intricate tunnels, and crafted items of the finest quality. When the Rift occurred large swaths of their deepest mines were devoured by the Drow, Svirfneblin, and their arch enemies the Duergar. Over a five hundred years ago the Dwarves were forced to expand their territories above ground as the creatures of the Maanalainen begin to spread into the halls and mines of the Dwarven empires.

Having to abandon some of their most profitable veins deep in the earth, the Dwarves desired trade with the races above. The Ironbeard clan of the Ovärgbergen Mountains were the first to come down out of the Mountains into the Elven forest fortress of Svartaskogen. The Elves and Dwarves could not see eye-to-eye concerning Dwarven trespass and colonization; war begun.

The three other Dwarven kingdoms: Klippbergen to the west, Mattebergen to the east, and Blabergen to the south also went to war against their Elven neighbors. A war between Goodly races isn’t the same as a war between Good and Evil. Warriors fought and died, quarter was given more often than not, and no raids on the cities or common folk of either race occurred. This was much to the chagrin of the Elven Warlord Zaos Taletreader who believed that the only way to secure the Elven Enclaves was to take the war to the halls of the Dwarven people.

Inevitably, this war spilled over into the human kingdoms. This was the start of the 100 Year War…

Of Dwarves

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