DESCRIPTION: Goddess of Knowledge, Skill, and Prophecy.
SYMBOL: Eye within a the crook of a shepherds staff
DOMAIN: Fate, Knowledge, Skill
PORTFOLIO: Knowledge, Prophecy, Skill
FAVORED WEAPON: Quarterstaff
¦ Seek the perfection of your mind by bringing reason, perception, and emotion into balance with one another.
¦ Accumulate, preserve, and distribute knowledge in all forms. Pursue education, build libraries, and seek out lost and ancient lore.
¦ Be watchful at all times for the followers of Vecna, who seek to control knowledge and keep secrets. Oppose their schemes, unmask their secrets, and blind them with the light of truth and reason.
¦ Role-playing a follower of Ioun affords you with a somewhat unusual opportunity. With Ioun’s strong focus on knowledge and learning, your character shares much in common with wizards, including an appreciation for and preservation of arcane magic.

¦ The Good. An Ioun follower inevitably ends up being drawn to lost, forgotten, or even forbidden knowledge. If you enjoy delving into campaign history, musty tomes, yellowed scrolls, and dusty libraries, this is the deity for you. A follower of Ioun may encourage the DM to provide more bits of campaign background and stories for your character to locate and share.

¦ The Bad. Although Ioun characters can heal and defend themselves (and their allies), they are not the ass-kicking, undead crusaders of the world. An Ioun follower is, by definition, somewhat less warlike compared to followers of Bahamut or Pelor, for example. Your character need not be a dull, pedantic scholar with asthma, but he also won’t be a radiant crusader on a holy quest to crush evil.

¦ Tie-ins. Skill Training feat, Skill Focus feat or Arcane Initiate feat.


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