Hands of Fate




Mercenary Company




“Fate protects us”

  • Peace is only possible through the Tenements, and the war it allows pays good gold.
  • Through action or inaction if a Hand is responsible for the death of another Hand, then death too shall be brought upon that Hand.
  • A Hand is to be beyond reproach, the Fate would rather cast aside an errant Hand than risk The Fist.

A company renown for having existed the longest. Their size has changed drastically over the years, but as the wars have continued, they were the first to recognize that they would need more races to bolster their numbers. The leader still favor humans, but about quarter of their number are non-human. They pay the same across races, but the non-humans generally get put to the front in combat or are the ones sent out on “unlikely to return” missions. Employees’ individuals of all professions, but leans mostly toward rangers and fighters. The company takes about 25% caravan escort, 50% scouting and 25% other type missions. The name comes from the scouts reports combined with delivering the “Judgment of Fate” to those targeted. It is also related to the fact that The Hand has existed since the humans entered the lands and many believe that Fate is on their side. The site of their banner has been known to scare away bandits.

Hands of Fate

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