DESCRIPTION: God of Beauty, Art, Magic and the Fey. Seasonal God of The Spring and Patron of Male Elves.
SYMBOL: silver star on a blue field
DOMAIN: Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, and War
PORTFOLIO: Elves, magic, music, arts, crafts, warfare, and poetry
¦ Cultivate beauty in all that you do, whether you’re casting a spell, composing a saga, strumming a lute, or practicing the arts of war.
¦ Seek out lost magic items, forgotten rituals, and ancient works of art. Corellon might have inspired them in the world’s first days.
¦ Thwart Orcs and the followers of Lolth at every opportunity.
¦ Aid others.
¦ Do not defile the dead or flee from your foes.
¦ Role-playing a follower of Corellon offers numerous advantages, but these come with a few potential challenges for you to consider.

¦ The Good. Not surprisingly, Corellon enjoys wide devotion amongst the Elves. This means your character is likely to garner aid or support from other Elves when he travels. In many ways, a follower of Corellon represents the epitome of elven folk, encompassing the best and most distinctive traits of all Elves.

¦ The Bad. Elves are sometimes viewed as aloof or even cold towards other races. Likewise, other races hold a similar view towards Corellon. Although you can play such a character, this is one stereotype worth avoiding. Corellon followers do not act rashly or without cause, but they are just as passionate and motivated as followers of any other faith. Most followers of Corellon have a “trigger” issue that, more than anything else, spurs them into action like nothing else.

¦ Tie-ins. Warrior of the Wild multiclass feat or Arcane Initiate feat.


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