Session 9

Dusk, Towerday the 11th of Highsun, 18AS


Determine what happened in the city, find the survivors, escape before it is too late

  • 3 hours
  • Bolt Hole
  • Party heads into the market, goes to Squints shop, and finds nothing of interest in the shop
  • The party follows blood from Squints shop to the bolt hole the goblins previously retreated
  • After heading to the bolt hole they discover 6 goblins
  • 4 Drow join the combat
  • Stryder casts Hunter’s Mark
  • Borland casts Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Scorching Ray
  • Rutherford finds two potions of healing, Jugedai uses one, and one potion of fire breath, 20gp
  • The party subdues one drow and ties him up for questioning
  • The drow is of House Mizzryn
  • He says that the drow are here for annihilation
  • Theren asks the Drow if the caverns leads to the Underdark, and he lies and says “no”
    * He refuses to divulge any more information, and Theren cuts his throat
  • The party encounters a collapsing floor trap, and Jugedai is able to leap out of the way
  • After climbing around and down into the floor spike pit for some time, and Borland burns a hole in the door at the end of the hallway
  • Grogar picks up a trapped statuette and it explodes damaging Grogar and Jugedai
  • Jugedai throws the top off one of the other sarcophagus and upon encountering a mummy hacks away at it, apparently oblivious to the fact that it is animated, and another Mummy opens the other sarcophagus
  • Jugedai then approaches Grogar and smacks him, still oblivious to the mummy threat
  • The rest of the party dispatches the two mummys, but not before Stryder is hit by a Mummy and catches Mummy Rot
  • In false bottoms of the sarcophagi the party finds a potion, a bead, some goggles, a scroll, and gems worth 50gp
  • They then open another door and encounter a Drow Mage, a quasit, who are torturing a prisoner
  • Borland casts Charm Person on the quasit, and asks it to unlock the prison cell
  • The Drow mage is quickly dispatched, but not before he zaps Jugedai and Stryder with a lightning bolt dropping them both to 0 hps
  • Theren is able to spare the dying, and both Stryder and Jugedai lie unconscious only barely clinging to life
  • Coin:
    • 70gp
  • Magic:
    • 2 Potions of Healing
    • 1 Potion of Firebreath
    • 1 Potion of Diminution
    • Eyes of Minute Seeing
    • Scroll of Remove Curse
    • Bead of Force
  • Misc:
    • Rutherford collects mummy bandages
    • Rutherford collects goblin belts, buckles, and trinkets
  • Encounter:
    • 300 (6 Goblins)
    • 450 (4 Drow)
    • 1400 (2 Mummy)
    • 2900 (1 Drow Mage)
  • Bonus:
  • Stryder has Mummy Rot
  • Stryder needs to roll on the critical wounds table
  • Jugedai needs to roll on the critical wounds table
Session 8
The Princess

Mid-Morning, Saintsday the 9th of Highsun, 18AS

The Glade

Return to Rinn and decide the next course of action.

  • 2 days, 8 hours
  • Rinn and Theren discuss returning to town and engaging the Hand of Fate to help Rinn secure her army to take back her kingdom
  • Jugedai and Theren have a discussion about religion and Correllon
  • Party takes long rest
  • Rudy catalogued his notebook and doodled pictures of the glade
  • The party approaches Trollhaven on foot, sees the destruction
  • Theren and Rhinn take a spill on the bridge, as Rhinn stumbles into Theren’s arms, he handles her delicately
  • They investigate the shrine to Corellon and discover that Drow have graffitied the shrine, no sign of Istantar
  • They head towards the market and get ambushed by Undead
  • As the party reaches the market square they are set upon by a pack of Goblins
  • One of the goblins escapes into a tunnel in the floor of a shop on the east side of the market
  • The party moves some rubble on top of the trap door to block it
  • They head to The Fist and find it destroyed, heads of the mercenaries are on pikes, bodies are hacked to pieces, destruction everywhere
  • No sign of survivors, none of the heads appear to be the upper leadership of the Hands
  • As the party heads back across the bridge into town, they encounter a Drow Warrior
  • Coin:
    • 125gp
  • Magic:
    • Potion of Healing (Jugedai)
    • Potion of Healing (Stryder)
  • Misc:
    • Rudy collects Drow “artifacts” from defeated warrior
  • Encounter:
    • 250xp each (6 ghouls, 6 skeletons)
    • 142xp each (18 goblins)
    • 300xp each (Drow Elite Warrior)
  • Bonus:
  • Rudy is aware of Drow exposure of items to sunlight and how it impacts their condition
  • Borland seems rather knowledgeable about Drow, REALLY knowledgeable
Session 7
The Dragon's Lair

Evening, Thunderday the 6th of Highsun, 18AS

Dragon’s Lair

Clear the way for Egill to get to his treasure. Aid Mund in removing Geyma from power, and saving his son.

  • 2 days and 14 hours.
  • The Glade
  • After the party collects themselves briefly after the fight with the dragons Theren approaches the Ancient Dragon
    • He makes sure the dragon doesn’t have any poison or communicable diseases, and then loots the body
    • He retrieves a short sword from the neck of the dragon, 1000gp in gems, 2 ancient dragon fangs and an ornate key.
  • Jugedai stomped around on the wyrmling corpses, to make sure they were dead
  • Strom helped Theren remove the head of the dragon from within the boiling water
  • Strom and Jugedai got into a rather lively debate about the merits of infantry and mounted warriors, and then headed out to retrieve Egill
  • Rutherford takes a seat in the corner and begins to draw the scene before him
  • Grogar keeps an eye on the entrance, after tying Mund to a rock in the room
  • The party spends the next hour or two removing dragon parts, and searching the room
    • Rudy
    • Theren
    • Stryder
    • Grogar
  • While going about their business the party sees two Orcs thrown into the lava tubes
  • Fight Orcs, Grogar slits Mund’s throat
  • Lava tube collapses
  • Stryder kills retreating orc
  • Borland arrives with Egill
  • The party is unable to figure out the trap and sets it off after Egill is down the passageway
  • The party is responsible for the death of Egill, but creatively uses their bag of holding and rays of frost to beat the trap
  • Theren puts Egill in the tomb with his wife
  • Combat with Orcs in the Bathing Station
  • What to do with the Orcs… Much discussion if we should take it out
  • Ran into dire wolves
  • Arrival at The Glade without further incident
  • Coin:
    • 1000gp (Sapphires and Rubies)
    • 500gp
    • 140gp (Large Pearl)
    • 120gp (Coral)
    • 130gp (Garnet)
    • 1500gp (Silver Etched earn with 3 black pearls)
    • 200gp (Ornamental Daggers-2)
    • 72gp (Wolf Hides-4)
    • 17gp
  • Magic:
    • 2 Black Wood +1 Bows (If within 60’)
    • Sword of Vengeance
    • Key of Halagar
  • Misc:
    • Dragon Scales (Stryder)
    • Dragon Fangs, Dragon Teeth (Rudy)
    • Dragon Blood (Theren)
    • Dragon Teeth, Claws (Grogar)
    • Elder Dragon Fangs (Theren)
  • Encounter:
    • get 2000xp (400xp each)
  • Bonus:
    • Theren – 25XP for burying and praying over Egill
Session 6
The Gauntlet

Morning, Saintsday the 2nd of Highsun, 18AS

The Glade

Prove strength and valor to Tara by defeating a Dragon to the south of The Glade.

  • 4 and a half days.
  • Within the dragon’s lair
  • Tyrael remained at camp while Tara joined the group.
  • Departed The Glade and after traveling a one full day at normal speed made camp.
    • One ration was consumed by all. After which we were sustained by Goodberries.
  • Just as we were setting up camp the camp fire erupted into a fire elemental.
    • Tara was convulsing and smoking on the ground through most of the combat. But was later shoved into the stream that was near the camp by Theren after Rudy had taken look at her to see what was wrong.
    • After the first elemental was defeated a second elemental attempted to erupt out of Tara but could not form in the water.
  • After much debate about wither to proceed with “proving” ourselves to the now dead Tara, it was decided we would proceed to slay the dragon.
  • We proceeded to the residence of the hermit dwarf named Egill Draga.
    • He proved to be insane about most things except his treasure. About that he had great clarity.
    • His human wife Ethera proved to be a figment of his imagination.
    • He claimed that a copper dragon came in and had done combat with the ancient red dragon.
    • Strom proceeded to keep Jugedai and Egill supplied with ale to keep their spirits up while the party rested for a couple days.
  • The party departed for the red dragons layer.
    • On the way it was revealed that there were also 200-300 orcs worshipping the red dragon.
    • Also pine trees started to explode.
  • As the party left Egill it was noticed that they had someone tailing them.
  • The tail ended up being an orc named Mund.
    • He wanted the party to kill the 3 wyrmling red dragons to free his tribe and his son.
    • The ancient red dragon was actually killed by the copper dragon.
  • Grogar was very suspicious of Mund and kept a constant eye on him.
  • Entering the cavern of the dragon proved to be more difficult than expected and the party was split by a cave-in.
    • Mund and Grogar were trapped outside while the rest of the party was trapped inside.
    • Jugedai, Theren and Rudy were all trapped under the falling rock from the cave-in.
  • The 3 wyrmlings advanced on the party as Strom and Stryder dug Theren and Rudy out of the rubble.
  • Jugedai was left to fend for himself. But despite that he ended up healing himself and not taking further damage during combat.
  • Strom advanced on the dragons to act as a distraction. He ended up grappling one of the wyrmlings for most of the combat. Jugedai swung at this wyrmling frequently but rarely connected.
  • The wyrmlings breath weapons proved to be very powerful.
  • Rudy was taken out by the wyrmlings, but was revived a few seconds later by Theren using “Spare the Dying” and a Goodberry.
  • Grogar ended up shooting at the wyrmlings from above with his hand crossbow.
    • He also took 10 min to break through the cave-in after the group of orc’s had left
  • Theren mended any arrows that were not consumed by fire or completely lost.
  • Coin:
    • No coin was retrieved during this session
  • Magic:
    • No magic items were found during this session
  • Misc:
  • Encounter:
    • Fire Elementals: 1800xp
    • 3 Fire Dragon Wyrmlings: 3300xp
  • Bonus:
  • Total xp per character: 850xp
  • Rudy must generate a scar or other long-term impact of his falling to the dragon
Session 5
The Decision

Noon, Swordsday the 17th of Palesun, 18AS

Bandit Camp, SW of Trollhaven

Return the magic items to Eckar and Ertalvef who work for The Order, figure out who to show the ledgers to, or decide a new course of action.

  • 2 weeks, 1 day
  • Theren decides that he is gong to take the arrows back to Trollhaven to prove Hake’s innocence
  • The rest of the party decides to go back to town to rest, relax, and refit
  • Theren collects the heads of the 4 dead orcs and 1 dead orog
  • The party uses the Crystal Doorknob to teleport back to Loy’s Warehouse in Trollhaven
  • Theren heads to the Fist to discuss Hake’s trial with the Baron
  • Baron brings the Magus in to discuss the evidence provided by Theren
  • Theren hands over the ledgers, note, and 18 magical arrows to the Baron
  • The Magus confronts Loy and validates Theren’s claim, but asks about the rest of the magical items
  • Theren persuades the Magus to believe that all they found were the arrows (Natural 20)
  • Hake is subsequently released from prison, provides a bank note to Theren for the promised amount of 500 gold, and says that he can be found in Gnomia
  • Rutherford and Stryder head to Squints to buy healing potions
  • Rutherford haggles poorly with Squints, and has poor results with his first healing potion, he attempts to intimidate Squints to get a good deal on the second one, but this fails miserably
  • Squints tells Stryder he is no longer welcome in his shop
    • due to Stryder drawing his sword to intimidate Squints on Rutherford’s behalf.
  • The entire party gathers at the tavern (Rutherford, Theren, Stryder, Azrael, Grogar, Jugedai)
    • Theren distributes the 500gp (8pp 9gp each) among the party members in separate coin purses
  • Rudy asks Theren to go see Rinn and the party heads to The Glade
  • Tyrael, Grogar, and Jugedai stay in town to tie up some loose ends
  • A half hour from The Glade, the party stops.
  • Theren spots Strom and after watching him stealthily for a few minutes strikes up a conversation
  • They share ale, and Strom shares his backstory
  • Borland the Drunk sleeps throughout this conversation
  • Theren shares the location of Trollhaven and gives some grubs for fishing
  • Theren proceeds into The Glade and seeks permission from the Protectors to bring his compatriots into the fold, they of course resist, but Rinn trusts Theren and believes that in order to win this war it is time to start recruiting her army
  • Theren leaves The Glade and heads to retrieve his compatriots, when the party arrives back at the camp they are accosted by Drow
  • The party dispatches the Drow, and 1 escapes, but they leave the mutilated Drow corpses at the cave mouth as a future warning
    • The corpses had the star of Correllon cut into their foreheads and then 8 of the bodies were arranged in a star shape before the cave entrance.
  • The party and their new members Borland and Strom enter The Glade
    • Theren learns that Correllon doesn’t control entry into The Glade; it is simply a hidden entrance
  • After some discussion about the next steps for the group, the party rests, relaxes, and trains for two weeks
    • During the training Theren’s relationship with the other elves in The Glade becomes more clear to the party
      • He seems to have something against the other protectors
      • He has some sort of relationship wtih Rinn
      • He will always do what the Priests tell him, but will argue only with Tara
      • He built all the wooden structures within The Glade; but does not appear to have one of his own
  • When the party is done training, Tara askes them to prove themselves by heading to the South to kill a couple of green dragons
    • Theren seems a bit insulted by having to prove himself.
  • Coin:
    • 500gp (distributed in the inn)
    • 8gp per head (40gp)
  • Magic:
  • Misc:
    • Rudy collects 1 lb of Drow artifacts
  • Encounter: 1350xp
  • Bonus: Rutherford, Theren, Stryder – Level 3; Borland and Strom – Level 2;
Session 4
The Camp

Just Before Sundown, Fireday the 16th of Palesun, 18AS

Trollhaven, inside Loy’s Warehouse

Use the map to find the Bandit Camp, return the magic items to Eckar and Ertalvef who work for The Order, and figure out who to show the ledgers to.

  • Long rest 8 hours
  • 7 hours of travel
  • 1 hour of resting and talking
  • Stryder rolled on the wound table (page 272) – minor scar on his face
  • Tyrael and Grogar head to the Tavern to heal, rest, and let the dye set
  • The party takes a Long Rest
  • The party eats rations during the rest
  • Halfway into the rest Theren hears someone try the door, and awakes Rutherford
  • Theren goes upstairs, Rudy goes outside.
  • Rudy sees Adler and the red-head
  • Theren and Rudy shoot at a black cloaked figure that had gotten into the house and was last in the master bedroom. The black cloaked figure disappears as an arrow goes through it.
  • The party heads out into the direction of the X
  • Two hours into the journey, Stryder notices the horses acting skittish
  • The party fights four wolves and Stryder and Theren skin the wolves
  • The party finds a shrine to Ioun, Jugedai gives a donation and Theren cleans off the shrine, the two of them get advantage on their next skill roll
  • The party encounters 8 goblins
  • Encounter at the Fort/Keep
    • The party encounters 4 orcs
    • The party encounters 1 Orog
    • Orog kills Jugedai’s horse in the middle of the battle
  • The party takes a short rest after/during the searching of the bodies
  • Theren shares the story of the Princess and asks for the help of the party
    • Jugedai agrees based on the idea of killing the one who killed his father.
    • Rutherford agrees based on the idea of adventure.
    • Stryder agrees based on his own reasons.
    • Other party members not present
  • The party continues to discuss their future…
  • Coin:
    • 10 gp
    • 245gp
  • Magic:
    • Keoghtom’s Ointment (4 doses)
    • Long sword +1
    • clover-shaped ring of feather falling
    • black metal dagger of venom
    • glowing gem, driftglobe
    • boots of elvenkind
    • 18 exceptionally sharp arrows +1
  • Misc:
    • 18gp apiece wolf hides (4)
    • Rudy collects more buttons and stuff
    • 4 gems 50gp each
    • Dice worth 25gp
    • Polished Pitcher worth 25gp
    • trade goods worth (with Loy’s logo on them)
  • Encounter: 362 each
  • Bonus:
  • Jugedai was wounded and must rest or suffer some penalty
  • No Inspiration left within the party
  • The party distributes the loot as follows
    • Theren – Keoghtom’s Ointment (4 doses)
    • Jugedai – Long sword +1
    • Stryder – clover-shaped ring of feather falling
    • Rutherford – black metal dagger of venom
    • Stryder – glowing gem, driftglobe
    • Rutherford – boots of elvenkind
    • Theren — 18 exceptionally sharp arrows +1
Session 3
The Serjeant

Sundown, Thunderday the 15th of Palesun, 18AS

Trollhaven, just inside city gate

Help Serjeant Hake clear his name, and return the magic items to Eckar and Ertalvef who work for The Order


22 hours



  • Coin:
    • Grogar Finds 100gp sack
    • Grogar finds 4 gems worth 210gp
  • Magic:
    • Rudy steals the door handle
  • Misc:
    • Tyrael finds 2 aged texts worth 15gold apiece
    • Rudy finds pendant with picture
    • Jugedai finds the poisoned dagger
    • Jugedai collects the wall map of trade routes
    • Stryder finds a Forgers kit found in the cabinet
    • Stryder finds fine clothes found in the cabinet
    • Party finds map to bandit camp
    • Party finds the ledger
    • Grogar keeps four snake heads
  • Encounter: Everyone to 301
  • Bonus:
    • Dan +5xp,
    • Jerry +15xp
  • Grogar is dyed orange for two days
  • Grogar is snake poisoned and cannot use HD to heal until after a long rest
  • The party is knowledgeable about Trollhaven, Mercenaries, Norrhem, and The North
  • The party is knowledgeable about Trade Routes, Imports/Exports of The North
Session 2
The Rider

Thunderday the 15th of Palesun, 18AS

4 miles East of Trollhaven on the road to Gnomia

While returning prisoners to Trollhaven, the party encountered scout returning to town to gather a group to clear an Orc party.


12 hours or so


Trollhaven, just inside the gate the party splits their treasure

  • We were on the way back to the city and Theren noticed what ended up being a pack of wolves. The wolves left after Theren shot one from cover.
  • Just after the wolves left a rider from the Hands of Fate showed up and asked us if we were the warriors who were sent to help him clear the attackers. At first the Gnome was dismissed as not a warrior until he, without looking, single shot a family of raccoon crossing the road in the dark.
  • Istantar “walked into the woods” and returned to Trollhaven with the prisoners
  • We advanced on the keep where the Orcs were camped. Jugedai ended up throwing the gnome, Rudy, across the moat. Rudy made it to the top of the wall and spoke in thieves cant to Grogar whom related that there were only 2 orcs and 4 tents. Theren, Tyrael, and Grogar joined Rudy across the moat; while, Stryder and Jugedai went to the door and his horse kicks it.
  • K arrived from the woods to link the party up with reinforcements from town.
  • The party killed the two orcs in the keep and the two that approached from the outside
  • They searched the keep and found little in the way of treasure
  • Sergeant and other riders arrived and escorted the party back to town
  • Coin: 150 gold apiece or so
  • Magic: 5 potions
  • Misc:
  • Encounter: 75
  • Bonus: +5xp to Rutherford
  • Rutherford knows the Grogar is a Rogue
  • Sergeant is impressed with the group’s ability to work together
  • Istantar is now an NPC within Trollhaven
Session 1
The Beginning

Wineday the 14th of Palesun, 18AS


Each character made their way to the Tavern O’er the Water. Once at the tavern a Sergeant enters and is looking for volunteers to head east and clear out some Orcs that have been raiding the road.


12 Hours


4 Miles East of Trollhaven on the road to Gnomia

  • Runners between Trollhaven and Gnomia report in daily on road conditions, runner has not arrived today.
  • Party located ambushed wagon with dead driver, and three dead Hands.
  • Tracked Goblin party South dragging human.
  • Engaged Goblins, subdued 4, captured Goblin Boss.
  • Boss said he knows where treasure is, and that Human was leading caravans out
  • Human admitted to leading caravans out, but had brought an empty caravan this time instead with three Hands to betray Goblins.
  • Boss said he was going to keep Human hostage.
  • Human implies that there are others involved in the scheme.
  • Coin: A few coins
  • Magic:
  • Misc:
  • Encounter: 75
  • Bonus: Rutherford and Istantar granted 110 to align with the rest of the party
  • Stryder was subdued and damaged heavily, wound needs to be generated.

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