Of moderate height and build. Dirty blond hair and green eyes. He normally wears muted colors of brown and green and always carries his bow wherever he goes. He is by and large a quite individual and doesn’t go looking for trouble.

Character Sheet 6/13/15



Theren was born in the foothills of the Ovargbergen during a drow raid of the ______ temple of Corellen during the Lateu’quor. His mother Lia, perished at the foot of the altar to Corellen with, the born that day, Theren strapped to her. 3 other sohie (Gennal, Lucan, and Thia) in the altar room saw her fall as the 11 drow stormed the room. The first 3 drow were felled in the doorway, but the rest entered a paralyzed the sohie with poison. Unable to move but able to witness as the drow began to defile the altar room.

A simple word was heard from where Lia lay, “No”. Spoken as if by a man.

All three recant the same in disbelieve, “The babe, tho still strapped to his mother, took up her bow. Arrows of deep blue and star shaped heads, more than I could count, were loosed and slew all 7 drow. The work of Corellen himself.”

Cleric Varis release the sohie and upon hearing the tale from the first, went to Lia and Theren. Theren was indeed holding the bow and smiling up at him. Varis remove the bow from Theren’s little hand. The smile faded and Theren fell asleep. Varis then noticed the symbol of Corellen burned into Theren’s hand and a matching symbol on the handle of the bow.

News of this event spread through the land accompanied by the tale of Corellen using a newborn to slay the drow.

Theren was quickly adopted by Lady Dara, whom had just recently given birth to her daughter Shara.

Time passed…

Lady Dara never hid that he was adopted. She also only told him that his mother was one of the bravest elves in all of Storaskogan and died protecting him. However, she never told him of the role he played in those events. The mark on his palm was explained simply as a birth mark.

Theren and Shara grew up together as brother and sister until the age of 8. When Theren was returned to the sohie of the temple to raise. Upon returning to the temple with the Sohie a bow was placed in his hand and swords hung at this hips. He was never permitted to be without them but no further explanation was given.

He trained and trained and trained some more. When he thought he was about to pass out a bucket of cold water was dumped on him and he continued training. Archery came to him with ease, but was not as gifted with swords. He still stood out more than the average sohie. Making some of his elders envious and spiteful.

All the time, Cleric Varis, provided mentoring and encouragement. He also grew to know Gennal, Lucan, and Thia. At one point or another he trained under all three.

Time passed…

On Theren’s 18th birthday Cleric Varis, Gennal, Lucan and Thia were all sitting around his bed when he awoke. Each holding something different.

Thia handed him some leather armor, “Dress, it was your mother’s. Remade for you.”

His armor on, Lucan removes a sword from his side and hands it to him, “Your left blade.” Gennal quickly does the same, “Your right blade.” Each blade having the star of Corellen in the grip. The left one slightly raised. Thia adds, “Each has been created to fit you.”

Swords strapped on, Cleric Varis pulls a bow from a simple coin bag at his waist. The longbow is of rosewood and designed masterfully. He place the bow on the bed and says, “Pick it up. It was your mother’s bow.”

Upon placing his hand on the bow he can tell it is enchanted, but the grip is perfect, as if ment for his hand. A second after recognizing that, he feels a strength coming from it and a whisper. Then he hears himself say, “No…”, the three sohie have a startled look of recognition, “not yet. The drow will pay but not yet.” and the whisper dies away.

The three sohie all go to one knee. Varis touches his holy symbol and whispers a silent prayer. After which, he says, “Happy Birthday” with a genuine smile. “Oh and you are expected in the Capital within a month’s time.”

He can mostly be found either taking care of the shrine to Correllon or fixing things for the Hands of Fate and others around town. He is known to most in town as a good carpenter and someone you want to have working for you, but few actually know him. Some exceptions to this are Marisa Turen (Tinker), Kevhand Stoneheart (Weaponsmith), Nalius “Stalker” Firebrand (Hands of Fate; Head Ranger) and the elves in the community.


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