Stryder Aramanth


The only son of Rymar Aramanth. Raised in the arid regions south west of Berghem along with his sister Elise. His mother, Marla, died during the birth of his sister. Always a small and dainty woman, loved by Rymar for her unmatched beauty, she never fully adapted to the harsh life of the desert.

The Aramanth lineage has been known for hundreds of years as award winning animal breeders and trainers. Main focuses on adept hunting birds of prey and the most renowned destriers in Egron. From warhorses to plow mules the Aramanth beasts are sought after by nobles and common folk alike. Though the family was never short on Kymmenen gold they have always lived a meagre life. Working the land and using the strengths of the animals to farm hunt and forage. Stryder was raised to survive in the harsh lands of his birth and rely on his instincts and beast companions.

Growing up without a mother was hard on Elise. She was raised as a boy in her father’s eyes. Not out of spite, she knew, he just didn’t know how to do anything else. She and Stryder would travel to the towns and learn to barter and sell like her father. They were no stranger to the other races and clans throughout the land.

On one such trip, when Elise was 14 and Stryder had just turned 16, the trio were visiting the Elves of the North in Storaskogen castle to acquire the kings business and fill his stables with horses. At the royal stables in Icehaven Elise made friends with young princess Talallia. The princess was amazed at Elise’s ability to calm the horses and play with the hunting dogs that were vicious to anyone else. Each time the Aramanth family travelled north they were asked to visit the royal family so the princess could play with her new friend. When the Queen of the realm learned the fate of Elise’s mother, she took pity, and asked that Elise become a lady-in-waiting to the princess. Realizing this was the only way Elise would have female influence in her life, Rygar agreed. Elise lived with the Elves while Stryder continued honing his ranging skills while traveling with his father.

A year later, at the time of the Great Tragedy, Elise was struck down as she played in the yard with her fellow ladies in waiting. Delegates of the realms of Egron assembled in the Great Hall of Icehaven and many were slain of royal blood and common lineage. Word of the tragedy quickly spread across Egron. The age of prosperity had come to and end. Upon hearing of the death of is daughter, Rymar fell into despair. Forsaking his legacy of his lineage, he drank himself to death. In his last words, he told Stryder to keep the family name alive and apologized for his weakness. He died happy knowing he would soon see his wife and daughter again.

Stryder, alone, spent the next 18 years tending the family business and honing his skills as a Ranger. Agility, cunning, strength and his command of the beasts elevated his name to a revered status throughout the land. Known to be a quiet and solitary man, still he would never hesitate to help those in need. Defending against the terrors of the land whenever he could. Whatever they may be. Never forgetting his mother, father, and most of all his sister. He carries the dark flame of vengeance in his heart for those that destroyed his family.

He carried with him a shard of obsidian that was matched to a ring his sister wore, and it would warm the closer they got to each other. He would know the truth, and he would return his sisters remains to the lands they came from.

Stryder Aramanth

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