Serjeant Hake

Serjeant formely of Hand of Fate


Standing 6’5" with the dark hair and leathery skin of a Norrhem man Serjeant Hake is a well-kept military man. He carries himself with an air of military efficiency. Almost always in plate, helm, and armed the Serjeant is said to sleep with his breastplate on.



Some say he won a staring contest with a Medusa.


Former Serjeant in the Hands of Fate Mercenary Company, exiled from Trollhaven and expelled from the Company


Serjeant Hake is a rather gruff get it done sort of individual. Doesn’t have any respect for the non-humans or “cattle” as he likes to call them. The one thing he like more than verbally abusing the cattle is the lasses. Much of his coin has gone into their purses for their company.


Direct, curt, and to the point. He doesn’t waste time on niceties.

  • Doesn’t really care for non-humans
  • Has shown that he is not above breaking the law or the Mercenary code
  • Might be loyal to the party in the future
Useful Information
  • The party was directly responsible for saving his life
  • Has given the party almost all of his earnings

Serjeant Hake

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