Ned Waters

Barkeep at the Tavern O’er the Water


Human. Male. 45 years old. With the exception of the top of his head (bald as a baby’s ass) Ned has as much hair on his body as a bear. At just over 6’ tall Ned is almost as thick as he is tall, but not a soft spot on his body. Having spent most of his youth as a merchant sailor, it isn’t known how Ned came to run the Tavern. In fact, no one can remember much about the keeper before Ned.


  • Can spot a hidden weapon with ease
  • Is known to be really good at darts

Barkeep at the Tavern O’er the Water


Friendly, jovial, and accepting of all those with coin to spend in his Tavern. Is close to impolite with Half-Orcs, but still comes across more friendly than most people. Is always moving about the Tavern bar.


Is quite kind to the Mercenaries of the town, often buying them a round or two for no good reason.



Useful Information

Ned Waters

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