Loy Resbin

Imprisoned criminal


Human. Male. Appears to be in his 50s. This man has well worn skin (like leather), brown eyes and a bulbous bald head. He is 5’ 4" and has a build similar to a roll of bread. His clothes are well-made, but worn and could pass as lower nobility. People tend to find him very unattractive, and he looks older than he really is.

Well-kept military man. He carries himself with an air of efficiency. Almost always in plate, helm, and armed the Serjeant is said to sleep with his breastplate on.


  • Has shown some proficiency for manipulating people and lying

Rescued “merchant” that ended up being a criminal


Enunciates overly clearly, speaks as if insulted that he has to speak with the party.


Rude liar.



Useful Information
  • Attempted to betray the party on their first outing
  • Indicated that others within the town were working with the Orcs
  • Currently in the Trollhaven jail

Loy Resbin

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