As the grandson of Bodegai, son of Tokugai, and younger brother of Ajogai there was, until the week before their journey to join in the Great Concil, little doubt that Jugedai of the Arbanien had a bright but ultimately trifling future as a fighter in the Golden Storm, the raiding army of the steppe people. When his brother Ajogai fell ill as the result of a wound suffered while sparring with Jugedai, suspicious eyes turned his way. When Ajogai passed to the Broadest Field, Jugedai became the closest thing to outcast one can become without actually being cast out.

His father, Tokugai, had been at the head of the Golden Throng (the ruling cadre on the Arbanien steppe and the nearest thing there is to King there) through almost 30 winters. Having only two sons and knowing the heart of them both, Tokugai knew (correctly) that there was no malice or conspiracy in the heart of his younger son, Jugedai. Concerned for the future of his family, Tokugai quickly embraced his son Jugedai following Ajogai’s death and in the ultimate demonstration of trust, appointed him the standard bearer of the Golden Storm making him the unquestioned successor to his position.

In his new position, Jugedai travelled with his father and his retinue to join in the Great Council, site of the Great Tragedy, the death of his father, and his ascendance to the position of leadership of the Golden Throng…perhaps. The death of both his older brother and his father in such short succession have not helped to ease the suspicions of the people of the steppe. In their homeland, Jugedai’s cousin, Nobunai, has declared Jugedai a traitor guilty of both fratricide and patricide and has declared himself the new leader of the Golden Throng.

Jugedai, guilty of little more than bad luck and possessed of nothing but what he had traveled with has vowed to one day avenge his father, prove his innocence, return to his homeland, and reclaim his birthright.


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