Istantar Gladewalker

Pacifist healer from the forest.


Raised in a northern Wood Elf enclave deep within the Storaskogen forest, Istantar was brought up in the ways of his people.

Istantar, a precocious youngling, demonstrated from an early age his affinity for healing magics. Raised in the common Wood Elf way, in a communal family, Istantar’s mothers kept him around their small village more often than not, and focused on training him in the healing arts far more than the normal hunting and trapping expeditions common to the sons of his folk.

After some 80 human years, Istantar left his village, flush with the power of the forest and with the blessings of Corellon’s priests in his heart, and sought to make his way to the College of the Flowing Stream, a healer’s college far to the south

Following his graduation after some 10 years of study, Istantar was sent to Camlaskogen and on to Haxskogen where he served honorably for many human years. Most recently, he has served as an adjunct healer to the Brothers of the Flowing Stream, a monastery just outside Vildaskogen – ministering to the Elven faithful and providing his healing services to all in need. At the start of our adventure, Istantar has been ordered to Trollhaven to deliver additional acolytes to the Shrine of Corellon and to serve alongside other healers from his College and to shield the wounded.

Istantar’s seclusion and focus on his healing calling have resulted in a semi-disconnected life. He’s awkward around groups, often quiet, and supremely calm.

Istantar quietly idolizes K’len Trollscourge, a member of the College of the Flowing Stream that was martyred some many years ago during the Dwarf-Elf Wars. K’len was a Brother of the College and a Warpriest who fell in battle while single-handedly administering aid to dozens of fallen Elven warriors. Istantar strives to exhaust all of his capabilities in the service others and with the hope that when he falls, he is taken up to walk next to K’len in the Elven afterlife.

Istantar’s College teachings do not allow him to use his magical energies to cause harm to others – in any case. Moreover, he is actively pacifistic, not seeking to raise a weapon to others at any time. While he has been in some touchy situations on the battlefields and in skirmishes, he has yet to violate this rule – who knows if he will be able to forever.

He owes his life to the Elven warriors who pulled him from danger on many occasions during his years serving as healer during conflict. One of those Elves was a relative of Theren, and while Theren hasn’t met Istantar yet, Istantar knows of Theren and his family. It will be interesting indeed when history and today’s events cross.

Istantar is obsessive about the strange book he has. The small leather-bound book appears to be a diary of some sort, but is written in a completely unfamiliar language. He will not part with it, to the extent that he has endangered his life more than once to get it back.

The book was found some 50 years back in the possession of a fallen Dwarven soldier who Istantar was trying to save on the battlefield some years ago.

As the Dwarf’s eyes clouded and his breath came quicker and shallower, he pulled Istantar close and whispered, “Lad… you must take me book. I could never read it, but perhaps you can. My brother… he gave it to me… found 100 years ago to the West… keeps changing… pictures…” and then the Dwarf expired, coughing and wheezing and Istantar was left alone with the book.

The book itself is unremarkable, although it seems that the characters and wording change over time and the strange illustrations morph into visuals that aren’t recognized since the last time someone looked at it. He does not generally share it with others, although the handful of individuals who he has shown it too remark on the odd nature of the book and the fact that it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

Istantar Gladewalker

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