Raised in an isolated Half Orc village, Mor Khazgur, by parents and community. He had a good way of community life and was raised without prejudice until 16, when the village was attacked by Orcs and his parents and siblings were killed and many young half orcs were kidnapped and taken back to the Orc lands to the east because they were valued for their intelligence and cunning over full Orcs.

Grogar was compliant with his Orc captives’ wishes out of a need for self-preservation but always craved vengeance for his family’s execution. Through proving himself with the orc tribe he was allowed to go through the Orc Shaman training. After a few years of brutal and relentless training in Martial and Stealth techniques as well as Orc abilities he was one of two candidates who survived. The other Orc candidate who survived was stronger than Grogar and defeated him based on his superior strength. Grogar pretended to be dead and was through down the side of a ravine. Waiting until nightfall he rose and swore that he would finally have his revenge.

Using his skills he tracked down and assassinated the Orcs party members who raided his village to get his revenge. It did not totally fulfill his rage, but at least he got closure. Striving to recapture some of the joy of his childhood he sought Half Orc communities but since they are so scarce he had no luck. He returned to Mor Khazgur, but because of his time in the Orc lands he was distrusted and shunned.

Grogar wandered around the realm, occasionally spending time with small communities of mercenaries who valued his strength and abilities to get things done more than they abhorred his appearance. Always hounded by a lifetime of persecution he looks for good people, and maybe some day when his loyalty and respect are gained and reciprocated, he will lay down his life for them and finally be at rest.


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