Egill Draga

Crazy old dwarf hermit

  • While travelling with the company, the dwarf often asks to drag or haul gear for the adventurers
  • He admits he is stronger than most pack horses and ornerier than a mule
  • He hopes to return soon to his belove human wife, Ethrra, she is lonely when he is away
  • The dwarf does not accompany adventurers into the lair, and will wait for them 5 miles from the lair, instructing them to retruen when Ancenagri is dead. Then he will reveal the secret lair.
  • He further reminds them that the treasure that rests upon the marble dais is his, and not to be touched.
  • Egill Draga – an old dwarf, lives in solitude within the valley of his ancestors. With his stone cunning, the dwarf gathers hewn brick from the surrounding ruins and delivers them to local masons. Draga means to haul in the dwarvish tongue and Egill wears the moniker with pride. The dwarf was within the ruins of the great crag when Ancenagri returned to the old lair. Egill fled and now fears for the small villages and hamlets that depend on the richness of the valley to survive. The hermit also knows of the dwarven prophecy and the small creature becomes elated when adventurers cross his path. The dwarf believes it a good omen and encourages the company to slay the beast. Though a poor man and not interested in riches, the dwarf entices adventurers with the location of a secret treasure vault within the ruins (Area 6). Without further detail, the dwarf invites adventurers to take what they wish from the vault, though there is one treasure that must remain. Egill further relates an increase of orc raids as the creatures spread across the valley in search for sacrifices to satiate the beast. Egill has the following goals:
  • He interred his late wife, Ethra, within the secret vault to spend eternity among the splendor of the ancients. He fears the orcs or dragon will uncover the tomb and defile her remains. While he is concerned with the plight of the local villagers, his love for her place of rest is paramount.

When Egill speaks of his wife, it is in the present as if she was still alive. Adventurers should not know of her passing until discovering the secret vault.

Egill was killed in the Lair of Ancenagri by a trap triggered by Borland the Drunk.

Egill Draga

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