Baron Pavel Dotsk

Retired military commander


6’5" scarred and almost always armed and armoured. This is a man who has seen many battles and relishes the thought of a peaceful world. Takes the protection of Trollhaven and the enforcement of its laws very seriously.


Jarl of Trollhaven, Retired Commander of the Hands of Fate


Grandfatherly and honorable. Fair in his judgement and willing to hear other’s out. Shows some level of disrespect for his page.


Is thankful for the help Theren provided in proving Hake’s innocence.


  • Shows respect to Mercenaries, specifically those from the Hands of Fate
  • Values and trusts the opinion of The Magus
Useful Information
  • Wife: Sefria
  • Daughters: Atala, Tana, Thola

Baron Pavel Dotsk

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