With its wings shredded and the tip of its tail chewed to a mashy pulp, its scales the color of a sick, white pallor, fester from mortal wounds, though glints of sapphires and rubies persist to sparkle from beneath puss and dried blood.



  • Ancenagri once held dominion over the forested valleys within the Klippbergen mountains during an age long forgotten. Though lasting, the reign of the dragon came to an end as grand citadels climbed mountain peaks and the stone beneath swelled with Dwarven kin.
  • Bards of old sing tale of Nogr and Vigr, two Dwarven warriors from Clan Graydigger, who roused the fire within the bellies of their brethren and drove the great beast from its lair. Though victorious, the fracas devastated the the land and shattered the economy of the region. Those that survived left their richest veins in the Halagar of the Northern Klippbergen for greener pastures and safer veins to the South.
  • History check
    • DC 15 – Halagar was the ancient fortress of Clan Graydigger. Abandoned and rumored to have veins of silver as wide as a river. Clan Graydigger is known for its more mundane ores
    • DC 20 – A very old Dwarven prophecy reveals: The true hoard of Ancenagri holds the key to the doors of Halagar. With the portcullis breached, the dwarves will once again return home.
    • DC 25 – Ancenagri is ancient draconic for The Burner of Fields.


  • Ancenagri, an ancient red dragon, attempted to reclaim the region the fiend once dominated ages ago, though thwarted by another ancient dragon, Gullhyrndr. The epic clash wounded both great wyrms leaving them vulnerable to mortal blades. While Gullhyrndr returned to Halagar, Ancenagri scoured the land for one of its primitive lairs hidden within the valley. The dragon now rests, weak and wary of intruders. Gullhyrndr the Gold-Horned, an ancient gold dragon, guards Halagar and awaits for the dwarven peoples to one day return to their halls of stone.
  • DECEASED Ancenagri is dead and his lair has been taken over by a trio of smaller dragons.


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