Session 8

The Princess

Mid-Morning, Saintsday the 9th of Highsun, 18AS

The Glade

Return to Rinn and decide the next course of action.

  • 2 days, 8 hours
  • Rinn and Theren discuss returning to town and engaging the Hand of Fate to help Rinn secure her army to take back her kingdom
  • Jugedai and Theren have a discussion about religion and Correllon
  • Party takes long rest
  • Rudy catalogued his notebook and doodled pictures of the glade
  • The party approaches Trollhaven on foot, sees the destruction
  • Theren and Rhinn take a spill on the bridge, as Rhinn stumbles into Theren’s arms, he handles her delicately
  • They investigate the shrine to Corellon and discover that Drow have graffitied the shrine, no sign of Istantar
  • They head towards the market and get ambushed by Undead
  • As the party reaches the market square they are set upon by a pack of Goblins
  • One of the goblins escapes into a tunnel in the floor of a shop on the east side of the market
  • The party moves some rubble on top of the trap door to block it
  • They head to The Fist and find it destroyed, heads of the mercenaries are on pikes, bodies are hacked to pieces, destruction everywhere
  • No sign of survivors, none of the heads appear to be the upper leadership of the Hands
  • As the party heads back across the bridge into town, they encounter a Drow Warrior
  • Coin:
    • 125gp
  • Magic:
    • Potion of Healing (Jugedai)
    • Potion of Healing (Stryder)
  • Misc:
    • Rudy collects Drow “artifacts” from defeated warrior
  • Encounter:
    • 250xp each (6 ghouls, 6 skeletons)
    • 142xp each (18 goblins)
    • 300xp each (Drow Elite Warrior)
  • Bonus:
  • Rudy is aware of Drow exposure of items to sunlight and how it impacts their condition
  • Borland seems rather knowledgeable about Drow, REALLY knowledgeable



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