Session 7

The Dragon's Lair

Evening, Thunderday the 6th of Highsun, 18AS

Dragon’s Lair

Clear the way for Egill to get to his treasure. Aid Mund in removing Geyma from power, and saving his son.

  • 2 days and 14 hours.
  • The Glade
  • After the party collects themselves briefly after the fight with the dragons Theren approaches the Ancient Dragon
    • He makes sure the dragon doesn’t have any poison or communicable diseases, and then loots the body
    • He retrieves a short sword from the neck of the dragon, 1000gp in gems, 2 ancient dragon fangs and an ornate key.
  • Jugedai stomped around on the wyrmling corpses, to make sure they were dead
  • Strom helped Theren remove the head of the dragon from within the boiling water
  • Strom and Jugedai got into a rather lively debate about the merits of infantry and mounted warriors, and then headed out to retrieve Egill
  • Rutherford takes a seat in the corner and begins to draw the scene before him
  • Grogar keeps an eye on the entrance, after tying Mund to a rock in the room
  • The party spends the next hour or two removing dragon parts, and searching the room
    • Rudy
    • Theren
    • Stryder
    • Grogar
  • While going about their business the party sees two Orcs thrown into the lava tubes
  • Fight Orcs, Grogar slits Mund’s throat
  • Lava tube collapses
  • Stryder kills retreating orc
  • Borland arrives with Egill
  • The party is unable to figure out the trap and sets it off after Egill is down the passageway
  • The party is responsible for the death of Egill, but creatively uses their bag of holding and rays of frost to beat the trap
  • Theren puts Egill in the tomb with his wife
  • Combat with Orcs in the Bathing Station
  • What to do with the Orcs… Much discussion if we should take it out
  • Ran into dire wolves
  • Arrival at The Glade without further incident
  • Coin:
    • 1000gp (Sapphires and Rubies)
    • 500gp
    • 140gp (Large Pearl)
    • 120gp (Coral)
    • 130gp (Garnet)
    • 1500gp (Silver Etched earn with 3 black pearls)
    • 200gp (Ornamental Daggers-2)
    • 72gp (Wolf Hides-4)
    • 17gp
  • Magic:
    • 2 Black Wood +1 Bows (If within 60’)
    • Sword of Vengeance
    • Key of Halagar
  • Misc:
    • Dragon Scales (Stryder)
    • Dragon Fangs, Dragon Teeth (Rudy)
    • Dragon Blood (Theren)
    • Dragon Teeth, Claws (Grogar)
    • Elder Dragon Fangs (Theren)
  • Encounter:
    • get 2000xp (400xp each)
  • Bonus:
    • Theren – 25XP for burying and praying over Egill



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