Session 6

The Gauntlet

Morning, Saintsday the 2nd of Highsun, 18AS

The Glade

Prove strength and valor to Tara by defeating a Dragon to the south of The Glade.

  • 4 and a half days.
  • Within the dragon’s lair
  • Tyrael remained at camp while Tara joined the group.
  • Departed The Glade and after traveling a one full day at normal speed made camp.
    • One ration was consumed by all. After which we were sustained by Goodberries.
  • Just as we were setting up camp the camp fire erupted into a fire elemental.
    • Tara was convulsing and smoking on the ground through most of the combat. But was later shoved into the stream that was near the camp by Theren after Rudy had taken look at her to see what was wrong.
    • After the first elemental was defeated a second elemental attempted to erupt out of Tara but could not form in the water.
  • After much debate about wither to proceed with “proving” ourselves to the now dead Tara, it was decided we would proceed to slay the dragon.
  • We proceeded to the residence of the hermit dwarf named Egill Draga.
    • He proved to be insane about most things except his treasure. About that he had great clarity.
    • His human wife Ethera proved to be a figment of his imagination.
    • He claimed that a copper dragon came in and had done combat with the ancient red dragon.
    • Strom proceeded to keep Jugedai and Egill supplied with ale to keep their spirits up while the party rested for a couple days.
  • The party departed for the red dragons layer.
    • On the way it was revealed that there were also 200-300 orcs worshipping the red dragon.
    • Also pine trees started to explode.
  • As the party left Egill it was noticed that they had someone tailing them.
  • The tail ended up being an orc named Mund.
    • He wanted the party to kill the 3 wyrmling red dragons to free his tribe and his son.
    • The ancient red dragon was actually killed by the copper dragon.
  • Grogar was very suspicious of Mund and kept a constant eye on him.
  • Entering the cavern of the dragon proved to be more difficult than expected and the party was split by a cave-in.
    • Mund and Grogar were trapped outside while the rest of the party was trapped inside.
    • Jugedai, Theren and Rudy were all trapped under the falling rock from the cave-in.
  • The 3 wyrmlings advanced on the party as Strom and Stryder dug Theren and Rudy out of the rubble.
  • Jugedai was left to fend for himself. But despite that he ended up healing himself and not taking further damage during combat.
  • Strom advanced on the dragons to act as a distraction. He ended up grappling one of the wyrmlings for most of the combat. Jugedai swung at this wyrmling frequently but rarely connected.
  • The wyrmlings breath weapons proved to be very powerful.
  • Rudy was taken out by the wyrmlings, but was revived a few seconds later by Theren using “Spare the Dying” and a Goodberry.
  • Grogar ended up shooting at the wyrmlings from above with his hand crossbow.
    • He also took 10 min to break through the cave-in after the group of orc’s had left
  • Theren mended any arrows that were not consumed by fire or completely lost.
  • Coin:
    • No coin was retrieved during this session
  • Magic:
    • No magic items were found during this session
  • Misc:
  • Encounter:
    • Fire Elementals: 1800xp
    • 3 Fire Dragon Wyrmlings: 3300xp
  • Bonus:
  • Total xp per character: 850xp
  • Rudy must generate a scar or other long-term impact of his falling to the dragon



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