Session 5

The Decision

Noon, Swordsday the 17th of Palesun, 18AS

Bandit Camp, SW of Trollhaven

Return the magic items to Eckar and Ertalvef who work for The Order, figure out who to show the ledgers to, or decide a new course of action.

  • 2 weeks, 1 day
  • Theren decides that he is gong to take the arrows back to Trollhaven to prove Hake’s innocence
  • The rest of the party decides to go back to town to rest, relax, and refit
  • Theren collects the heads of the 4 dead orcs and 1 dead orog
  • The party uses the Crystal Doorknob to teleport back to Loy’s Warehouse in Trollhaven
  • Theren heads to the Fist to discuss Hake’s trial with the Baron
  • Baron brings the Magus in to discuss the evidence provided by Theren
  • Theren hands over the ledgers, note, and 18 magical arrows to the Baron
  • The Magus confronts Loy and validates Theren’s claim, but asks about the rest of the magical items
  • Theren persuades the Magus to believe that all they found were the arrows (Natural 20)
  • Hake is subsequently released from prison, provides a bank note to Theren for the promised amount of 500 gold, and says that he can be found in Gnomia
  • Rutherford and Stryder head to Squints to buy healing potions
  • Rutherford haggles poorly with Squints, and has poor results with his first healing potion, he attempts to intimidate Squints to get a good deal on the second one, but this fails miserably
  • Squints tells Stryder he is no longer welcome in his shop
    • due to Stryder drawing his sword to intimidate Squints on Rutherford’s behalf.
  • The entire party gathers at the tavern (Rutherford, Theren, Stryder, Azrael, Grogar, Jugedai)
    • Theren distributes the 500gp (8pp 9gp each) among the party members in separate coin purses
  • Rudy asks Theren to go see Rinn and the party heads to The Glade
  • Tyrael, Grogar, and Jugedai stay in town to tie up some loose ends
  • A half hour from The Glade, the party stops.
  • Theren spots Strom and after watching him stealthily for a few minutes strikes up a conversation
  • They share ale, and Strom shares his backstory
  • Borland the Drunk sleeps throughout this conversation
  • Theren shares the location of Trollhaven and gives some grubs for fishing
  • Theren proceeds into The Glade and seeks permission from the Protectors to bring his compatriots into the fold, they of course resist, but Rinn trusts Theren and believes that in order to win this war it is time to start recruiting her army
  • Theren leaves The Glade and heads to retrieve his compatriots, when the party arrives back at the camp they are accosted by Drow
  • The party dispatches the Drow, and 1 escapes, but they leave the mutilated Drow corpses at the cave mouth as a future warning
    • The corpses had the star of Correllon cut into their foreheads and then 8 of the bodies were arranged in a star shape before the cave entrance.
  • The party and their new members Borland and Strom enter The Glade
    • Theren learns that Correllon doesn’t control entry into The Glade; it is simply a hidden entrance
  • After some discussion about the next steps for the group, the party rests, relaxes, and trains for two weeks
    • During the training Theren’s relationship with the other elves in The Glade becomes more clear to the party
      • He seems to have something against the other protectors
      • He has some sort of relationship wtih Rinn
      • He will always do what the Priests tell him, but will argue only with Tara
      • He built all the wooden structures within The Glade; but does not appear to have one of his own
  • When the party is done training, Tara askes them to prove themselves by heading to the South to kill a couple of green dragons
    • Theren seems a bit insulted by having to prove himself.
  • Coin:
    • 500gp (distributed in the inn)
    • 8gp per head (40gp)
  • Magic:
  • Misc:
    • Rudy collects 1 lb of Drow artifacts
  • Encounter: 1350xp
  • Bonus: Rutherford, Theren, Stryder – Level 3; Borland and Strom – Level 2;



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