Session 4

The Camp

Just Before Sundown, Fireday the 16th of Palesun, 18AS

Trollhaven, inside Loy’s Warehouse

Use the map to find the Bandit Camp, return the magic items to Eckar and Ertalvef who work for The Order, and figure out who to show the ledgers to.

  • Long rest 8 hours
  • 7 hours of travel
  • 1 hour of resting and talking
  • Stryder rolled on the wound table (page 272) – minor scar on his face
  • Tyrael and Grogar head to the Tavern to heal, rest, and let the dye set
  • The party takes a Long Rest
  • The party eats rations during the rest
  • Halfway into the rest Theren hears someone try the door, and awakes Rutherford
  • Theren goes upstairs, Rudy goes outside.
  • Rudy sees Adler and the red-head
  • Theren and Rudy shoot at a black cloaked figure that had gotten into the house and was last in the master bedroom. The black cloaked figure disappears as an arrow goes through it.
  • The party heads out into the direction of the X
  • Two hours into the journey, Stryder notices the horses acting skittish
  • The party fights four wolves and Stryder and Theren skin the wolves
  • The party finds a shrine to Ioun, Jugedai gives a donation and Theren cleans off the shrine, the two of them get advantage on their next skill roll
  • The party encounters 8 goblins
  • Encounter at the Fort/Keep
    • The party encounters 4 orcs
    • The party encounters 1 Orog
    • Orog kills Jugedai’s horse in the middle of the battle
  • The party takes a short rest after/during the searching of the bodies
  • Theren shares the story of the Princess and asks for the help of the party
    • Jugedai agrees based on the idea of killing the one who killed his father.
    • Rutherford agrees based on the idea of adventure.
    • Stryder agrees based on his own reasons.
    • Other party members not present
  • The party continues to discuss their future…
  • Coin:
    • 10 gp
    • 245gp
  • Magic:
    • Keoghtom’s Ointment (4 doses)
    • Long sword +1
    • clover-shaped ring of feather falling
    • black metal dagger of venom
    • glowing gem, driftglobe
    • boots of elvenkind
    • 18 exceptionally sharp arrows +1
  • Misc:
    • 18gp apiece wolf hides (4)
    • Rudy collects more buttons and stuff
    • 4 gems 50gp each
    • Dice worth 25gp
    • Polished Pitcher worth 25gp
    • trade goods worth (with Loy’s logo on them)
  • Encounter: 362 each
  • Bonus:
  • Jugedai was wounded and must rest or suffer some penalty
  • No Inspiration left within the party
  • The party distributes the loot as follows
    • Theren – Keoghtom’s Ointment (4 doses)
    • Jugedai – Long sword +1
    • Stryder – clover-shaped ring of feather falling
    • Rutherford – black metal dagger of venom
    • Stryder – glowing gem, driftglobe
    • Rutherford – boots of elvenkind
    • Theren — 18 exceptionally sharp arrows +1



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