Session 2

The Rider

Thunderday the 15th of Palesun, 18AS

4 miles East of Trollhaven on the road to Gnomia

While returning prisoners to Trollhaven, the party encountered scout returning to town to gather a group to clear an Orc party.


12 hours or so


Trollhaven, just inside the gate the party splits their treasure

  • We were on the way back to the city and Theren noticed what ended up being a pack of wolves. The wolves left after Theren shot one from cover.
  • Just after the wolves left a rider from the Hands of Fate showed up and asked us if we were the warriors who were sent to help him clear the attackers. At first the Gnome was dismissed as not a warrior until he, without looking, single shot a family of raccoon crossing the road in the dark.
  • Istantar “walked into the woods” and returned to Trollhaven with the prisoners
  • We advanced on the keep where the Orcs were camped. Jugedai ended up throwing the gnome, Rudy, across the moat. Rudy made it to the top of the wall and spoke in thieves cant to Grogar whom related that there were only 2 orcs and 4 tents. Theren, Tyrael, and Grogar joined Rudy across the moat; while, Stryder and Jugedai went to the door and his horse kicks it.
  • K arrived from the woods to link the party up with reinforcements from town.
  • The party killed the two orcs in the keep and the two that approached from the outside
  • They searched the keep and found little in the way of treasure
  • Sergeant and other riders arrived and escorted the party back to town
  • Coin: 150 gold apiece or so
  • Magic: 5 potions
  • Misc:
  • Encounter: 75
  • Bonus: +5xp to Rutherford
  • Rutherford knows the Grogar is a Rogue
  • Sergeant is impressed with the group’s ability to work together
  • Istantar is now an NPC within Trollhaven



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