Egron is an ancient realm of expansive forests, untamed wilderness, and vast seas. The Pantheon populated the realm with beauty, creatures (Birth of the Ancient Races), and races large and small. The Ancient Races of Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes comprised the goodly folk of the lands and made their homes in forest, mountain, and in between.

The Pantheon was a benign collection for the most part, although some skirted the line of neutrality very closely. Then the Gods of Good were torn asunder by a Dark presence and Evil perversions of their created beings manifested (The Rift) themselves. Born of this chaos were the evil races of Drow, Duergar, and Svirfneblin; all twisted and evil copies of their respective Ancient Race.

The will of these newly created Evil beings empowered the Dark presence to separate into new entities within the Pantheon and thus the Gods of Evil were born. The Maanalainen (underground) was created by these Evil Gods and copies of the Ancient Races of the world begin to fill the massive space beneath the surface of Egron. War was discovered and it changed the face of Egron forever.

The Gods of Good and Evil seeded (The Seeding) the realm with more races in their expanding war both in the realm and on the Planes. After a time a stalemate was reached and the Gods ability to influence the realm was relegated to the spells and visions they could grant their worshippers.


The Elves were the first to taste war and have been at war with their dark brethren, the Drow, since The Rift. For over 500 years the War of the Elves tore the world asunder, until a great victory was achieved by the Elves.

As the Evil Races gained ground in the Maanalainen, The Dwarves turned to the surface to expand their holdings. This of course led to the Dwarf-Elf war, which inevitably spilled over into the other surface kingdoms, and thus the start of the 100 Year War.

The Humans finally aligned with one another and the Council of Kymmenen was held, compelling the Goodly Races to parley. The Great Council was held, and while little is known of what actually happened, no leader of the Goodly Races survived that day. That day was then known to all as The Great Tragedy.

Now is The Age of Strife and from all sides the darkness encroaches. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, there is only one path that leads to salvation, and this is where our story begins…